There are Factors that Influence the bounce rate

There are Factors that Influence the bounce rate

The bounce rate is very closely related to the website. This parameter is even used in several online campaigns by a number of digital companies. 

There is a lot that can be learned from the bounce rate, which is what makes this parameter so important to pay attention to. 

Especially, for those of you who are running a business using a website as a promotional medium.

Because it has an important role on the website, learning everything about bounce rate will help you manage your website better than before. 

You will find it easier to learn about site visitors and provide content that suits them.

Once you know what your readers need and what you can provide, then targeting a certain number of visits will be easy. 

Apart from that, you can also fix other parameters that are still related to the bounce rate, such as knowing the time a user spends on a page, for example.

There are Factors that Influence the bounce rate


Definition of Bounce Rate

Bounce rate or also called bounce rate is a percentage that describes the behavior of visitors on your website. The count is 0 - 100 percent. The bigger the number, it means that the quality of the web that you manage is not in good condition. 

If it gets smaller, then it can be said that the site is doing well.

This not only measures the overall website quality but this parameter can also be used to determine the performance of each existing landing page. You can find out the bounce rate in blog articles or pages on the website. 

That way, you can be more specific in managing and making the necessary repairs.

To be able to take action on the numbers that appear in the bounce rate, you need to know what factors influence this metric. What makes the number go up, and how to reduce the bounce rate so that your website can be of higher quality.

Factors Affecting Bounce Rate

Here are some factors that affect the bounce rate on your site. This will really help you in optimizing the site and bring in more visits.

user experience

A bad user experience can lead to an increased bounce rate. This can happen due to the use of inappropriate media, such as music that plays automatically when the website is opened, the web taking too long to load, the content does not match what visitors are looking for, and so on. 

Often it's things like that that make visitors immediately leave your website and switch to another site.

Page Rating

It is very important for articles to rank well in search results so that the bounce rate goes down. Conversely, if your web page ranks badly, then the bounce rate can increase drastically. 

The reason is, your page is considered not to provide something good for visitors or they don't find what they are looking for on your page, so the search engine lowers the position of the page and replaces it with another, better page.

Audience Type

Every web has a different type of audience. Usually, this also affects the bounce rate. The existence of diverse visitors means that you must be able to understand their wishes, such as studying audience behavior on the website, what they do, what they read, and so on. 

You can get all this data from Google Analytics. Study the type of audience well and provide the best service for their needs in order to reduce the bounce rate.

Web Design

Currently, most internet users already use their mobile phones to surf the virtual world, including accessing your website. Therefore, paying attention to web design is also important. 

Because a messy appearance will make visitors uncomfortable and leave your website. The web design here also includes responsive mobile, minimalist appearance, and user-friendly menus.

There are Factors that Influence the bounce rate


Advertising is one source of income on a website. But it's not uncommon for ad placement to be a problem, especially when it covers content so that readers find it difficult to enjoy the content, not to mention the inconvenience that arises due to too many scattered ads that make visitors confused about what your actual content is. 

Too many messy ad displays. This of course will greatly affect the bounce rate.

Email Subscription

Usually, a website has a subscription email or newsletter feature, the purpose of which is to increase traffic and notify loyal readers of new content. 

Unfortunately, the use of this feature is considered difficult for visitors so they choose to immediately leave the website page that is being opened.

Those are some things about the bounce rate that you should know. After studying the 6 factors that affect the bounce rate, hopefully, then you can start implementing improvements after improvements to prevent an increase in the bounce rate.

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