Profile of BoA, Korean Singer Nicknamed Queen of Kpop

BoA has just made a comeback with their latest mini-album entitled Forgive Me. The K-Pop star is currently promoting the album on various platforms, from music shows on TV to video interviews on YouTube. In 1theK's latest content, BoA reveals an interesting fact about her early career.

Profile of BoA

The music BoA plays is heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B singers such as Nelly and Janet Jackson, as it is obvious that many of BoA's songs fall into those genres. As a singer, BoA feels that she has no talent for writing songs.

The writing and composition of his songs is largely left to his staff. As a result of this reason, a lot of criticism is directed at BoA. 

But the fact is, BoA doesn't always leave it to his staff to make his songs. Some of the songs he sings are his own creations, for example Listen to My Heart. In addition, he also wrote a song called Nothing's Gonna Change. 

BoA has started to really write her own songs since her sixth album HURRICANE VENUS.

BoA started dabbling in the world of singing since she followed her older sister to audition at SM Entertainment's talent search event. BoA, who was only eleven years old at the time and only took her older brother to auditions, was even ogled by the talent search agent there. 
Since then, BoA started thinking about becoming a singer and had thoughts of dropping out of school to pursue a career in the music world. Of course BoA's wish was completely opposed by her parents. 

However, at the persuasion of his older brother, BoA's parents gave in and allowed BoA to dedicate himself to the world of music.

Profile of BoA

Boa's huge success in Japan made him the first South Korean singer to conquer the Japanese music market since the end of World War II. It's no wonder that the name Boa was immediately discussed and even juxtaposed with the names of very popular Japanese artists. 
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Recently, BoA was announced as a member of the new girl group formed by SM, Girls on Top. The project brought together BoA ​​with a number of other popular idols, from SNSD's Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet's Seulgi and Wendy, to Karina and Winter Aespa. 

Girls on Top became a much-awaited girl group thanks to their courage in presenting members with different experience, giving Girls on Top has a gap every six to seven years, and comes from a different generation.

Forgive Me is BoA's third mini album release. Since his debut, he has rarely released mini albums because he always releases full albums. But since 2018 he started a trail of releasing EPs with One Shot Two Shot which later continued into Starry Night and Forgive Me. 

SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding the news that Boa had smuggled drugs and had to undergo interrogation. Let's read more. 

Legendary singer BoA, is ready to make a comeback by releasing the mini album FORGIVE ME on November 22nd. 

BoA is one of the first generation K-Pop idols to debut under SM Entertainment. The child of the couple Kwon Jae Chul and Song Young Ja is called the Queen of Korean Pop aka the Queen of KPop.
"Bang Si Hyuk oppa gave me money to take a taxi home," he said. 
Profile of BoA

BoA was asked to read the column about herself. There he told a story to confirm a series of facts. One of the things BoA revealed was the early days of her career at SM Entertainment. In the article he read, BoA was called an SM artist who was born in the 'dark ages'. He then explained what this meant. 

The popularity of K-Pop is already worldwide. Several K-pop musicians have even filled out soundtracks for various television shows, one of which is an anime from Japan. Here are five K-Pop idols who have filled out soundtracks from Japanese anime.

BoA's career started at a very young age. He was glimpsed by the production director of SM Entertainment when accompanying his older brother to audition for SM Entertainment's Secret Dancer. At that time BoA was still in grade 5 of elementary school. 

"On the advice of his doctor, he took the prescribed sleeping pills. However, he experienced severe side effects such as dizziness and indigestion including vomiting, and this situation was discussed with the employee," SM said. 

In the same video, BoA also tells how her career at SM Entertainment helped the company build many office buildings and studios. This was previously revealed by the singer of Only One in a special television program for SM Entertainment artists that was broadcast on KBS.

Now, BoA, whose smash hits include 'No. 1' , 'Atlantis Princess' , 'My Name' and 'Only One' , released their 10th full album titled 'Better' again. 

At that time, his debut album sold 375 thousand copies, and was ranked in the Top 10 of the South Korean charts. 

SM Entertainment's new girl group project Girls On Top. Check out the full information here. 
The agency explained that it was correct for BoA ​​to receive drugs from abroad without a formal customs clearance procedure. 
This is due to the ignorance of the agency's employees without any intention to smuggle illegally. SM Entertainment also did not forget to express an apology to fans for the concern that occurred.

"You could say it was a dark period. Because I didn't have a manager at that time, I also took the bus on my way to the recording studio," said the singer who has made a career of nearly 10,000 days. 

He is believed to have paved the way for other K-pop artists to enter the Japanese market and broaden their careers and fan base.
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SM Entertainment then said, BoA recently underwent a physical examination and the doctor stated that due to a decrease in growth hormone, BoA needed adequate sleep.
Of course, her journey was not as smooth as silk. Through the Because I Want to Talk event, she admitted that she had experienced obstacles while performing. 
His breathing was still unstable, he continued to practice until he successfully held his first concert tour in 2003.
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