Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business

Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business

For those of you who have been in the online business world for a long time, certainly no stranger to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective programs to earn a large income over the Internet with relatively short time and great results.

Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business
Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business

How it works is quite easy, you have the task of selling products that have affiliates to consumers, if there is a sale going on then you will get a commission according to the initial deal.

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We will fully explore what affiliate marketing is, its advantages, disadvantages, and mistakes that you should avoid when running this business model.

What is affiliate marketing?

Of the many internet marketing business models, the most popular is affiliate marketing.

The principle of affiliate work is commission-based sales, a simple example is when you successfully sell a product or goods or service, then automatically you get money or commission from the sale of the product.

Affiliate marketing is a business system that pays for someone's services when the person successfully sells the products or services of a merchant or company that has a product or service by marketing online over the Internet and needs others to sell his products/services.

Your position here is as a person who does not have products or services to sell, then you can help a merchant in marketing his products/services, and of course, we will get a commission on the sales we make.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

If you want to run affiliate marketing to the maximum, then you have to register with an affiliate web company and you will get an Affiliate link.

Then you promote the link on your website or blog, social media, or online forums, and whoever clicks through your link and makes a purchase, then gets a commission.

For commissions or fees given the amount varies, depending on the products/goods/services sold.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that can bring passive income and is relatively easy for beginners even though they do not have their own website.

Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business
Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

The advantages of affiliate marketing are:

Small capital, not even needs capital at all.

-It's easy to start.

-An industry with huge profits.


-The opportunity to earn a large income.

-Work from anywhere.

-There are many products you can offer.

While the shortcomings or disadvantages of affiliate marketing are:

-Income comes from commissions so that income is not fixed.

-It takes patience and hard work to succeed.

-You have to compete with other affiliate marketers.

-It's not easy to choose the right product.

Difference between Affiliate & Reseller

Here are the differences between affiliates and resellers:

Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business
Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business

Affiliate system

Is an online business system selling other people's products or services without any conditions? You are only required to register without the need to buy or have the products or services that we will offer.

Affiliate commissions are also not as large as reseller commissions, usually only ranging from 20-40%.

Reseller system

Is a system that can be run for online businesses by selling other people's products or services on the condition that we have to buy or own those products.

Commissions given also vary but are greater than the commissions received by affiliates, which range from 30-80%.

Tips for Success as an Affiliate Marketer

A. Get into the habit of learning information about the product or service you will be promoting, before deciding to enter affiliate marketing of a product.

B. Choose a product that is in demand by the market or a product that you like so that in addition to marketing you also get pleasure from the activity.

C. Create a website or blog for your business. This is the most important thing in running affiliate marketing. You should create a serious website by buying hosting and domains and do not use free websites and domains for your affiliate business website.

D. Try the product you are selling first. Today's customers are quite intelligent in assessing the truth of a product, by trying first you can give testimonials according to the actual benefits you feel.

By sharing a personal experience, customers will have more confidence about the affiliate products you offer.

E. Try to blog or website also has useful content, not only as a place to advertise your product, especially if you promote affiliate products through the website or blog.

By providing valuable website content, in addition to consumers will have an education related to products, will also have loyalty to always come to the website and make purchases.

F. Managing finances well is also a condition of successfully running affiliate marketing.

With good financial management, you not only end up being an online affiliate salesperson but can also increase to a reseller who has a stock of goods so that it is faster to respond to consumer demand without having to wait for news from the supplier first.

Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business
Affiliate Marketing and Tips on Running It in Business

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Running an Affiliate Marketing Business

This affiliate program provides an opportunity for everyone, even beginners to be able to join.

However, to be able to become a reliable affiliate must have a lot of experience and do a series of split tests to find the best techniques in running affiliate marketing.

1. To Hard Sell

Usually, beginners are too frontal to offer the products they follow, so making the content on the website seem too forced.

Though the most important thing is that the content on your website can educate readers why they should buy through the affiliate link you have.

Do not create content with links such as "Buy Now", "Please Buy", because the word seems too hard to sell and too pushy.

2. Join other Affiliate Marketing Programs

The second mistake is to follow too many other affiliate marketing programs, indeed this is no prohibition, but as a beginner, you must focus on the affiliate marketing program that you follow at this time.

Do not be influenced by other affiliate marketing programs that provide attractive offers for you.

Because following many affiliates even make your mind split, so there is no one that you successfully run because of lack of focus.

3. Wrongly Choosing Affiliate Program

Many people are wrong to join affiliate programs because of the lure of large commissions.

Choose an affiliate program that interests you, so that it will not be heavy when running it.

Before choosing an affiliate program, you can also do research first about the products you will sell.

Once you are absolutely sure and steady then you run it confidently and vigorously.

4. Knowledge of Low Products

By recognizing the products you sell will certainly make you gain more trust and credibility from customers.

At least, you know the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that if you explain the product is not impressive to make up.

5. Not Tracking Affiliate Links

Not tracking affiliate links is one of the trivial mistakes, why can it be called trivial?

Because if there is a sale, then you can not know which products are sold, so you can not maximize the product that is indeed a prospect to be scaled up.

To make it easier to track it, you can use URL shortener services, such as,, and so on.

6. Not Making Comparisons

One of the best techniques besides doing a review is to make comparisons with other products that are worth it.

When people are about to make a product purchase, they tend to narrow the options down to 2 or 3 only.

The comparison of these products, it can help buyers to decide which product is the best.

Do not forget to insert the affiliate link that you have on each product, so that in the event of a purchase transaction you get a commission.

7. Easily Tempted New Affiliate Marketing

New affiliate programs usually offer a variety of many features and bonuses for those who want to join.

This strategy does attract many other affiliate marketers to join, but the problem is that affiliate marketing is a business that requires a high focus.

So if many affiliate programs are followed even make it unfocused, which ultimately makes everything not work.

8. Don't Have Your Own Website

In the world of affiliate marketing, it is advisable to have your own website. Because with the website, you can do product promotion to consumers by reviewing or comparing products.

In addition, the function of the website is also your identity, so the more famous your website domain, the greater the chances of the products you have sold.

9. Less Interesting Websites

Having a website is not enough if the content in it is less attractive to visitors. Aside from the content side, attracting visitors can also be in terms of user-friendly design.

One of them can be by displaying easy navigation buttons and also so that your website is more lively can also be added discussion forums.

10. Choosing an Affiliate with High Payment Limits

Indeed, there are several affiliate programs that determine a high payment threshold, so you have to take pains to reach the specified limit.

In addition, look for affiliates that offer payments on a period of time that is not too long, at least look for a weekly period with no payment threshold.

How? Are you ready to become a successful affiliate marketer? To be successful in the affiliate business, you must avoid the 10 mistakes above.

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