Tips and How to Take Care of Laptop Battery

Tips and How to Take Care of Laptop Battery

  For every new laptop, all the battery is still empty. Although the electric charge is installed but the laptop has not be directly used. Turn off the laptop and do charge in advance for between 4-8 hours until the Full Charge indicator light shows (usually the light will change to green). 

     Remove the laptop battery and use direct electricity when you are not presentations but was working regularly with a laptop at the office or home. If the battery is installed, the charge is also installed in many cases will cause the batteries to leak. Although modern laptops often have a circuit that is used to make sure the battery does not charge when plugged in, but hot temperatures can also shorten battery life. Laptop batery should be used when we do not have access to electricity

     Be sure to configure the settings of your battery right premises. Set the Sleep period laptops that allows you to turn off the display and hard disk after a certain period of time the laptop is not in use. Determine this period as short as possible to memkasimalkan age or the battery life

     Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not needed. When watching movies, or typing a document and you no need to be online immediately disable the wireless device. This will help save power, since the concept of Bluetooth and Wifi are sending and receiving signals even though you do not realize it and it will drain power. Even worse if both of these features are enabled in the same place there is absolutely no signal

     Reduce the use of the screen is too bright. On one side of the bright screen will make the writing more clearly visible, but configuring the screen is too bright then it will use more power

     In line with previous tips, you should disable the screen saver. Primarily intended to prevent screen burn not, screen savers consume much higher due to the active CPU and video card and use the display as well. This is similar to watching a vidoe on the laptop

     In addition to disabling Bluetooth and wireless devices, also disclaims any ekstenal device when not needed. A USB or wireless mouse, USB memory stick, external hard drive or a PCMCIA card that is not being used on the laptop must be removed. You have to understand, all the devices before using the power of the laptop

     Also check your startup programs and active programs and shut down unnecessary programs. Too banyaka startup programs will cause long loading laptop battery. And the proficiency level will require a lot of virtual memory so that too much use of hard disk access
     If the want to listen to music, use headseat and not the speaker. Because of small laptop speakers even if the volume of the music is maximal but not maximum sound to be heard ear. If the volume is turned up, the power usage will also increase in size

     Update BIOS and Driver. Computer manufacturers make their software repairs all the time to improve the way the hardware is used. Updating the BIOS will make sure of that you have to have the latest version and provide maximum compatibility with all the power saving features of the operating system. The same goes for hardware drivers, including hardware power saving modes.

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