Registry Editing has Been disabled by your administrator

The Windows registry is one of the main administrative tools on Windows OS. It is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. When the system is infected virus, the virus file first disables the windows registry to prevent further editing. Even if the virus is removed the registry still remains as disabled. Then a dialogue box will appear when the user tries to open regedit’, showing “Registry Editing has Been disabled by your administrator”. Now we are discussing two simple tips to overcome this trouble.

Regedit Dialogue Box


Use the Group policy editor



On GPEDIT configure the settings like this.

User Config\Admin Templates\System\Prevent Access To registry Editing Tools=

“Not Configured”

You can set the value to “Not Configured” or “Disabled”.


Rename to Regedit.exe

Some viruses and other malware will load a file that is many times a zero byte dummy file. Because .com files have preference over .exe files when executed if you type REGEDIT in the run line, it will run the instead of the real regedit.exe file.

Delete the file if it’s a zero byte file to restore access to REGEDIT. In some cases, such as the W32.Navidad worm, you’ll need to rename the REGEDIT file to get it to work.
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